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Welcome too Tandem Technologies

Tandem Technologies, company which elevates your life style by providing the latest mobility solutions containing Elevators, Parts and such related solution. The company has a vast experience of 15 years in the Elevator Industry & provides the Elevating Solution which matches your comfort & lifestyle.

“Leadership through Customer Satisfaction”, is the corner stone of Tandem Technologies. Tandem Technologies understand the need of customer & provide such customize solutions which satisfy the need of customers.

Both the Directors of our company are highly visionary. Our both the directors, Jay Patel (Civil Engineer), and Meet Patel (Chartered Accountant), along with there high qualification, are also enthusiastic to serve better to there clients. Our both the director are brothers by nature and friends by nature. Their similar age group, make them highly focused for there goals and vision. There tuning with each other is too much beneficial for the growth of the company. They both belong to a  reputed business background, but there Vision to do something different, made them Entrepreneur, and start there own business, without the help of there family. Vision of both our directors is to develop a leading and globally renowned company of Elevator, which provides the full range of all types of Lifts. There thinking is, that it is important to follow your dreams, and do what excites you. If you follow your heart and do what you like, you will always achieve what you want.


Tandem Believes in customer & Employee safety as first priority and dedicated to the phrase "Anzen First" (Safety First) & it's visible across all platforms which includes all products, installation, sites, offices, and factories, etc. 


Our Vission

At Tandem our vision is to achieve the market leadership through providing the best stomize elevation solution to our customer. In addition to customize products we must deliver exceptional value to customer by providing the industry leading services.

Our Mission

As a part of Service industry, we rely on a strong customer orientation as the basis for design and installation of the products and services. We believe in quick reliable, and trustworthy services. We provide service at our customer's doorstep within no time and at a reasonable amount, because we believe in value for money.

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