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Hospital Elevator

Hospital Elevators provide easy transportation of patients and bulky medical equipment such as gurneys, stretchers and wheel chairs. These lifts feature sophisticated looks and operated smoothly.

Hospital Elevators are available in a wide variety, capable of carrying between 15 to 26 passengers at a time. These elevators usually feature center-opening, telescopic power-operated doors and easy to use for people

Special Features

  • Specialized car dimensions catering your specific needs
  • Emergency call option from the cabin
  • Smooth loading/unloading with jerk less ride
  • Tandem is equipped with emergency power supply with better back up to avoid panic situations in case of power failures, as a value added service



  • Energy efficient drive and hoisting systems
  • Special emphasis for safety and comfort at the design level
  • Maintains accurate level for smooth loading of stretchers and ideal for people with disabilities
  • Energy saving display and CFL lighting solutions
  • Specially designed stainless steel cabins are available on optional basis
  • Size of the elevator car depends upon the facilities provided by the hospitals

Technical Data

  • For orthopedic and eye hospital elevators with 13/15 pass capacity is quiet useful
  • Open heart surgery patients need elevator of 26 pass capacity as bed is wider and the life support system equipments are there.

Hospital Elevator

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