MRL Elevator

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MRL Elevator

Machine Room-Less (MRL) lifts are traction elevators that feature a compact motor drive mounted on the car itself. They don’t require any separate elevator machine room.

MRL lifts not only allows lifts architectural flexibility, but also provide fast, powerful and energy-efficient transportation. Though traction lifts were originally limited to high-rises, the innovative MRL design has allowed engineers to adapt traction elevators for low-rise buildings and multi-story homes.

Advantages of MRL elevators:

  • Permanent Magnet Gearless Machine for smooth and quiet motion.
  • Small control cabinet on the upper level.
  • Totally integrated system for greater reliability.
  • Time and money-saving benefits: long lifespan, low operating cost, easy installation and service.
  • Cost-efficient elevator with no machine room.
  • 1 m/s to 3m/s speed range (180 starts per hour).
  • 10 to 16 passenger load range (680 - 1088kg).
  • Smooth ride, due to the first-class roller shoe suspension.
  • Versatile landing and car door configurations.

MRL Elevator

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