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Traction Elevator System

When you need to move a lot of people in a little time – economically, comfortably and reliably - you need a traction elevator.

Ideal for high and medium-rise buildings. Traction elevator delivers smooth, quick acceleration, energy efficiency and attractive cost for all segments. Especially, these lifts impress with their versatility, power and speed.

A superior combination of flexibility and performance. To create the highest quality traction elevators, our designers and engineers put their technical creativity to its full potential. Our traction elevators combine the latest digital technology with world-renowned construction to achieve a new level of precision, energy efficiency, safety and reliability.

Specifications and Features

  • Available with Automatic Doors in both versions i.e. Centre open and telescopic
  • Traction elevators offers smooth, quick acceleration with low power consumption

Technical Data

  • This is an automatic range of elevators and is available from 408kg load i.e. with 6 passengers and up to 1768kg load i.e. 26 passengers capacity
  • Offers seamless services for buildings with a max of 22 floors
  • Has the provision to offer two car group and also group control
  • Offers special safety features like restricted entry with biometric sensors and password protected COP.

Safety Features

  • All safety features conforming the guidelines of ISO 14665 have been incorporated

Machine / Motor

  • We have sourced these machines from national & international recognised manufacturers and our vigilant quality checks ensure immaculate performance for years.

Guide Rails

  • High quality guide rails are been sourced from national & international reputed manufacturers which ensure smooth and jerk free travel

After Sales Service / Warranty

  • All Tandem Premier Elevators are available with one year warranty followed by annual
    Maintenance contract on chargeable basis by trained technicians and engineers.

Traction Elevator System

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